How lovely it is to grab a hot cup of coffee and something delectable to have with it. May it be some oosy brownies, a cake or some divine cookies. Its my first year in Egypt, infact its been 3 months and I didnt expect that it will get this cold here.

But then its simply as desirable to have some fresh strawberries, which I found at the supermarket yesterday!Such beauties! I am also thinking of making a dessert out of it. But nothing so special just a simple one, especially when you are tired and frazzled at the end of the day.

Its my own creation and believe me it was quite flavorsome. I took few marie biscuits and broke them into few small pieces and placed them at the base of a bowl. I took 4 tbsps of milk and added a tsp of instant coffee to it. I soaked the biscuits with this mixture.
Separately I made instant vanilla custard – (lazy as always), and allowed it to cool a bit. Lastly took some fresh strawberries, cut them in half. And there you go put layers of strawberries and custard on top of the coffee biscuits and Bon Apetite!!

P:S – Didnt take any pictures of the dessert though, as it was quite late and I was tired 🙂

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