What People Expect of you Once you turn 30

Hi there,

So today I am talking about something which I guess, crosses everyone’s mind when they turn 30. This is a bit of a personal post, however, some of you can totally relate to this.

Just to get acquainted, I am 30 plus and feel the pressure of society on me of what I am doing or should have done by now.

I got married before 30 and I was working at the time. But when I had my first baby, I was in Egypt for my husband’s assignment and was working online which was somewhat ok for me! No hassle, I could work whenever I wanted to and however I wanted to. But I quit, for which I had initially decided that this will be just for some time. Then I realised that the time when I was working, I was just doing it for the sake of it. There was no excitement. It was same monotonous work, day in and day out. Which made me so bored. Since I was not enjoying what I was doing so why take the trouble.

The bitter truth is that people in our society, won’t let you survive if you are not doing anything. There used to be a time when girls were not allowed to pursue higher studies. Parents would marry their daughters off soon after college. There was an impression that if they study too much, they will become arrogant and self-confident and will not be able to adjust in their married lives.

Now everyone is studying and are well educated, they are working – very much career oriented. In fact, girls are finding it hard to find a right match as they want a life partner who is earning as good as themselves or better. And this is when the question arises that since you are 30 now what you have achieved so far? Are you married? Working? Kids? NO Kids? If you are not working then what the hell are you doing with your life? WASTING IT? OK so if you cannot work why don’t you start studying again!

All these questions are thrown at us each day, not by strangers but by our own family and friends. But does it occur to anyone, what we feel or would like to do? Maybe staying free makes us happy. Not everyone has to think like one another or vice versa. What do you all have to say about this? 

Life and Living

I had always been into creative work, I could not study what I really wanted to, instead, I ended up with a management degree. But I had always wanted to do artistic or creative stuff. A bit of lack of confidence had made me so lazy, that till now I feel nervous about the things I want to do or would do.

Until recently I started this blog, I still haven’t received any great comments from any of my friends or family. I do not even know if they are even visiting my site. But, that is fine with me!
I feel happy about this that I can do whatever I feel like. I can express myself freely!

Ok I know I am being Self Centred and Dramatic…….but

I like to cook, so I do cooking.

I play with my child, which is the best thing ever!!

I photograph, which I really enjoy.

I like to travel – and do so whenever possible.

This makes me happy! And I guess that we all should do what makes us happy, Not what others think of us. There is no barrier to age, whether you are 20, 30 or 40.

Just be yourself, and please stop criticising others. Well, this was my thought on this subject, so please do not mind what I just said 🙂


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