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FOOD— I never understood the fact that there are people who wouldn’t want to cook for themselves, I mean who wouldn’t?

Well, it’s their choice but I LOVE to cook, it’s like a meditation or something which brings me comfort. But here today I m not going to share
what I cooked! I mean I will- but in my future posts for sure 🙂

I m sharing my love for food through some photos which I took recently during my visit to Brunei.

Roti Kosong

Brunei Darussalam ‘The Abode of Peace’ is located in South East Asia. It is divided into two sections which are surrounded by Malaysia and South China Sea. It has beautiful untouched rainforest and is ruled by the Sultan of Brunei Hajji Hassanal Bolkiah.

The language spoken is Bahasa Melayu (Malay) which is mostly spoken around Borneo. Hence a similarity in culture, traditions, and cuisine between Malaysia and Brunei.

Roti Kosong is one of those Rotis which I crave for quite often. My mouth is already salivating by looking at the picture 🙁

Well Roti, as we all know, is known as bread in Urdu and Hindi. Roti Kosong simply means Plain Roti but it has a lot of variations  – Roti Chennai (chickpea flour Roti), Roti Telur (an egg is cooked inside the roti) are the most popular ones.

This is usually eaten for Breakfast and is served with Dhal (lentils) and some sort of curry – mostly chicken or beef.

Teh C

Mind the picture quality guys! Most of them were taken with a phone. So, here I have the famous Nasi Goreng (special fried rice), Mee Goreng (Fried noodles) and all time favourite Teh C which is served both hot and cold.
My personal fav is hot Teh C.

Well, there is a huge array of traditional dishes, but I had only the ones I liked. Teh C (a three layered Tea) is a must try, it’s a strong brew of Ceylon Tea with Palm Sugar and Evaporated Milk.

I visited this cozy little cafe /restaurant De’Olde Cottage Restaurant & Cafe, with my nieces.

Butter Chicken

All three of us had Butter Milk Chicken and it was Ahhmazing!

tom yum beef chilli papaya salad

Some Scrumptious Thai food at Nur Wanita Restaurant. The tom yum soup, black pepper beef and fresh aromatic papaya salad were to die for.

Ok, enough of some traditional food. Let us have a look at some Classic Breakfast that we had on my Birthday at High-Frequency Cafe.

It was a great birthday breakfast with family and I miss all of them, living so far away from each other is just so not nice :((.

Not to mention their Pain Perdu (french toasts) were OUT OF THIS WORLD. Hehehe. Slurrp.

pain perdu (french toast)

Enough of this food, I am starving now by looking at all these dishes!! 

Share your food stories and the dishes you like best and would love to eat more often!

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