Weekly Steal: Pakistani Truck Art Clutches By Rangdey

Truck Art has made its way to the West long time already, and is a popular form of regional decoration in South Asia, particularly in Pakistan and Afghanistan. This type of art tells a story of folk themes, colours and motifs and such expression dates back to 1920’s. You can see this art on Trucks, Lorries and even Rickshaws. It had spread its roots to the west in the 1970’s when tourists took pictures with them back home of such amazing and vibrant art.


I personally love colourful things and absolutely fancy the Truck Art. I came across these beautiful and thoughtful pieces by Rangdey Truck Art. A small business initiative showcasing this amazing art.


Rangdey Truck Art

So this week I wanted to share few beautiful Clutches and Coasters by Rangdey Truck Art. You can have a look at their Facebook and Instagram for more variety of products, such as Photo frames, Trunks, Mirrors etc.

Such a lovely Handbag

These charming clutches range from 7000 to 9000 Pakistani Rupees or about 60USD to 90USD.
If you guys are interested, do check out their Facebook and Instagram and you can also ask prices for individual items.


Beautiful Colorful Clutch
Another amazing design
The beautiful coasters are from around 350 Pakistani Rupees Each ($3-$4).
Beautiful Coasters

Aren’t these lovely!! Rangdey Truck Art has surely taken this art form to another level and bringing us such amazing pieces. They do not have a shop, but they exhibit their items in Lahore, you can find the address from their Facebook page. Also for people in Islamabad, I have seen their items at KayalIt is situated in Beverly Centre, Islamabad which also houses a number of other small brands exhibiting their home and fashion accessories.

I would love to have something from their collection in my hands when I visit Pakistan. I am sure you all would do the same 🙂


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