Week 9 2017`


This week is gone already, Friday is here!! Phewww……

  • So I have been busy with my previous blog post, which I hope you guys enjoyed.
  • Then I also had to get some stuff done, some shopping as I am travelling next week. Some Chores need to be completed before I fly, and blah blah. Same typical boring stuff.

So how have you all been doing?

  • I am very excited about something but it’s a secret, cannot reveal now.
  • I am working on another exciting post from my travel log. Stay tuned.

  • My craving for food this week has been some Chinese cuisine.
  • I have been feeling very sleepy lately. šŸ™ Not good.
  • Keeping my fingers crossed that I can get my dresses made before the wedding of my nand (sis in law). Will keep you updated.
Ok Bye!!

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