Week 5 6 7 8 `Story of my life`

So Guys how are you all doing? I thought I would just chit chat today.

  • First of all…. Happy Women’s Day! Though every day is the same but Chalo we can dedicate this day to some tremendous work done by females around the globe.
Small batch cupcakes
  • I made these šŸ‘† yummy chocolate cupcakes which are super easy to make and the recipe is for a very small batch. Yes, 4 which is amazing since I do not have much of a sweet tooth, but still crave for some. I was always looking for some small batch recipes and this one is spot on! 

          They also tasted very amazing!!
          The recipe is taken from this amazing and inspiring blog — Shutterbean.com

  • So have been busy around the house with my toddler and his cranky moods. He is just troubling me these days and not eating well. He goes to a Montessori and since the past week he is giving me a hard time and not having his breakfast in the morning; which obviously, makes me go crazy and turns my mood off for the day! 
  • A bad headache was back and took over me for two days thus I just couldn’t do anything except feeding my child and hubby and sleep.
  • So I killed 3 fishes from my small fish tank, got these small fishes for my son to enjoy. So I killed one day before yesterday while I was cleaning the tank and somehow one slipped out and fell in the sink; though I rescued it but later it died. Another one died yesterday, I don’t know why! Perhaps I overfed them… And today again another one died! šŸ˜Ÿ So I m sad.
  • Have been thinking about the menu for Friday’s dinner that I have at my place. My hubby’s friend from work is coming over with his wife. They are half Jordanian/Palestinian. So I am not sure what they will like. But I think I am going to stick with my desi Paki cuisine. Let them have a taste of our food. I am sure they will enjoy it.
  • Did I mention that I am travelling to Pakistan in the next 2 weeks. My sister in law is getting married and I have some hefty amount of stuff on my head which needs to be done, while I am still here — which means packing and also when I reach Pakistan, which means lots of shopping and wedding preps. Will keep you guys updated on this.
  • Last Saturday myself and I (my hubs) we discovered a secret lake just outside Riyadh, which was a great adventure and we enjoyed the serenity of the place. Will post about it in the next week. InshaAllah. 
  • And I need to make a visit to Sephora for some makeup goodies. So any bits of advice or suggestions on makeup products would be very helpful. šŸ™‚

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