Week 10 & 11 2017`

Hectic weeks these have been!

Sky is the Limit

Travelling to the homeland and prepping for my sister in laws wedding!

Have been going to and forth to the tailors and the markets to shop.

A lot has been happening!

So take a peak into my past week! Had been in Peshawar, Pakistan!!

Gora Bazaar Jinnah Street
Gora Bazaar and some stall on the sidewalk, Peshawar, Pakistan

This bazaar in olden times when the Britishers had made their headquarters, frequented by English men and women in those days is still remembered by old natives as `Gora Bazaar` though renamed as Jinnah Street after Partition.

Some wedding preps happening!

Old Building Architecture Peshawar
Facade and interior of an old building in Saddar, Peshawar, Pakistan

Wooden Panelled Roof with a see through partition in between, In olden days these used to be common in houses so that the light could come in, good for communication and also fulfilled the purpose of transferring items.

Very busy with the wedding preps so will soon come with another post!


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