Tips to Styling Your Coffee Table

Coffee Table Styling

I am sure everyone loves their Coffee Table. Its a Statement Piece in your living room. A Center of Attention.

And you want to make it look extravagant. But you cannot actually fill it up with too many pieces. You NEED space to use as well. So on a random thought, I just shared a few of my ways of doing a coffee table. I DO NOT own a very fancy one, but you can style just about any kind.

Quick Tips:

  • Dividing your Coffee Table into two halves or thirds.

This rule can be easily applied if you own a rectangular table. Like what I have done is divided into two halves.

My favourite tray with a Potted Plant, Candle, Coasters and a Sovenior.

You can use a tray and place your favourite items in it and can decorate with your favourite coffee table books or a stack of magazines with a vase of flowers.

Having a Tray is always easy. Because if you want to make more space on the table you can easily make room.

  • Decorating on one side of the table.

It is not necessary to place everything in the centre of the table you can also use the side and place your much-loved items.

Again I used a tray here- as it was for my TV room coffee table. Since this room is used the most, so easily a removable option.

  • Having a Round Table:

For a round table also you can use a tray depending upon the size of the table. You can also divide it into four if it is a big table.

Keep it simple by just placing a vase or a potted plant.


Hope you enjoyed this post.

Have a nice day.

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