HOSTEL LIFE – 12 things you will Relate to if you ever stayed in One!

Some people say there is nothing like a Hostel Life, ah well ask me! I have stayed in 2 completely different hostels over a span of three years. Two years were abroad, where I had to deal with the language barrier and the other was in my own home country Pakistan.

Well frankly speaking Yes, it was a great experience, you get to learn a lot! But on the whole, I am not a big fan of hostel life at all. 

So here are few things which I experienced and I am sure a lot of other people can relate to these too! If they ever stayed in a Hostel.

1. JUNK food and MAGGI are your best buddies:

You could eat these for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I mean who would want to eat the hostel food, because everybody knows it SUCKS. Unless you are a holy creature and would eat anything that comes your way!

2. If you ever face a language barrier:

Staring at their faces and trying to figure out what they are saying and creating a meaning out of their facial expressions!

But eventually, you get used to it and start to understand.

3. If you are a cleaning freak and your roommate a mess maker!

Obviously, you would be cleaning all the time, and what if your roommate is your complete opposite. This happens all the time, and you might not be so lucky to have someone just like you! A complete disaster.!

4. Who would be doing the dishes today?

Well, I mean you are clean freak it’s your job then do it! and Yes you would bring in all the clean, washed dishes and your roommate calls in a Maggi PARTY! Hooray ..

5. Why do you have to listen to music while studying:

I mean who does that! I cannot even sleep or even study for that matter- and your roommate won’t stop singing her lungs out!! Yes, that’s the moment you feel like killing her!

6. If your roommate asks for your Maggi every night!

You’d be showing her that ugly face of yours- How dare you ask me for a Maggi! (of course not in reality but the devil inside you wants you to slap the face with a brick)

7. When everybody runs to the hostel mess:

Knowing that its Chicken Biryani for Lunch! Which happens in ages for obvious reasons (remember it is a Hostel) – And you take a container with you asking for your roommates share as well even though she has gone home! So What?! -I get to eat her share too 🙂 that wicked smile!

Guys, it’s a HOSTEL – you do not get good food.

8. Trying to trick the warden and guard in order to go out with your friends:

Offering some good food which you probably brought from home and sharing it with the warden to stay in her good books. So that you’ll always be her favourite.

9. Screaming your heads off while standing in the middle of the hall:

Because someone did not flush the toilet! Eeekks…but then later you find out that it was NOT someone from your house.

10. Giving out your shoulder to your housemates for them to cry on:

Cause their boyfriends or Fiance ditched them.

11. Finding out that girls next door are probably lesbians:

And you try to stay away from them, probably thinking of changing your room for that matter.

12. When your other housemates borrow everything from you, but they never share their own stuff:

Meaning you knocking on their door and you hear some hustle bustle – once you enter and you smell Chicken Tikka! Ahan, that’s why it took them so long to open the freaking door.

I think the list can just go on and on, it will never stop! I am sure everyone has their own story to tell and share!

I would love to hear your stories too. So do stop by and share your hostel stories with me.

My best wishes to all those living in hostels.




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