The Secret Lake!

The Secret Lake Riyadh

Living in Riyadh, KSA sometimes gets extremely boring. So that’s when you feel like doing some sightseeing, though there is not much to see but sometimes exploring the city can uncover some hidden gems.

I was going through a blog called BlueAbaya, having some very interesting and full of excellent information about exploring Saudia Arabia. And I came to know that there is so much to see here. Lots of historical sites, beautiful beaches and mountain areas. Some very fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

So since my husband and I was really bored one day and we decided to go someplace, which I had read about on the

Secret lake Riyadh

It’s a Secret Lake, which is a just 30mins drive from Riyadh city. It’s really a hidden gem, having a nice secluded space between all the hustle and bustle of the city. Clean and Clearwater, birds chirping in the background, you get to see some nice greenery as well.

You can get the directions here get this 👉 e-book from without this you may never find this place.

The Secret Lake Riyadh

It’s best if you visit after a rainy season, as there will me more water in the lake, having more lush greens and some frogs and fishes too. The road is not good all the way so you may need a 4*4 to go comfortably. There were a lot of bad patches on the road, where it was completely destroyed due to changes in the weather and no maintenance.

Go in the late afternoon so that you can enjoy the sunset. We went in the morning so I did not enjoy that much, but I will surely go again.

Secret Lake

It’s best to go in winters before it gets too hot. I will not recommend going in summers, but if you then remember to take tonnes of water with you.

Also do take some other things such as tissue paper, wipes, hand sanitizer, garbage bags, eatables and drinkables. Since it is a secluded area hence, you may need water and wipes for the loo (no toilets there people – if you are going for long). Though it can be a nice spot for a BBQ with friends.

Greens around Secret Lake

It was great day out with family! We enjoyed eating some snacks which we took with us!



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