Teaching Kids Basic Etiquettes

Do you get this feeling of scolding someone’s kid and telling them to behave nicely! I know if it was your kid you would do something about it Or at least you would try to.

But you know when you were young and your aunt’s kids would come over and ruin your things and mess up your room and you would always tell yourself – Jab meray bachay hoon gay tu un ka main Bharta Bana doon gi [when I will have kids I will literally bash them for not behaving].

So we always get the feeling and we discuss how sometimes Parents are negligent of not teaching kids some basic manners.

As parents, helping our children develop some social skills is very important, as to how to behave and interact with each other on a daily basis.

Anyhow. Recently I and few amazing and talented mommies on my Insta family did a story hop on this topic. I would also like to name them. Omaira @thehrmommy, Ghazal @herdaintydays, Zara @zarasinpirations, and Nimrah @onthegowithnimrah

So I am sharing the points here for all of you to see which were discussed by all the moms.

So let’s go:

1. Be a role Model and Play like one!

Start from a very early age. It is already happening when your kid is just a baby. You set up their routine of sleeping, eating and playing etc. So you are already in the process of teaching. Kids look at you, the way you walk, sit, talk, eat and practically whatever you do. They are Observing You at all times.

2. Teach them to Greet:

Set a rule of teaching them to greet everyone, regardless of gender and age. Assalamualaikum, cause being a Muslim they should be greeting the right way. So even when your kid is just a baby, try to say Salam whenever he/she wakes up, So they listen to it every time. They will get in the habit of saying Salam first thing in the morning.

Saying Salam when entering or leaving the house. In my house, whenever we come back from outdoors even when there is no one we say Assalamualaikum.

3. Saying Bismillah:

Try to put your kids in the habit of saying Bismillah before starting each task.

4. Thank you, Please, Excuse Me, Sorry:

As Omaira and Ghazal Called them Magic Words. They are indeed very important words when it comes to teaching kids some manners. Involve your kids in chores around the house, ask them for their help. So this way you can always use words such as please and Thank you. Appreciate and Praise your child in every way possible. It will boost their Morale.

Sorry word is sometimes tricky because you need to teach them why they should be sorry. If you do something wrong then obviously you are sorry. Try to be clear about it.

5. Make your kids Socialize with other kids:

Take them to a park, Play Area or arrange a play date with their friends. This is also a good way of teaching your kids. They also get to say more of the Magic Words and also learn to Share and Care.

6. DO NOT yawn or scratch or pick your nose in front of someone:

That’s a NO NO. It’s absolutely gross. If they do want to yawn, then they should at least cover their mouth.

The same rule applies to when you are coughing or sneezing. Always cover your mouth so you do not spread the germs around.

7. You do not want Kids to roam in someone else’s Kitchen:

I have always hated this. I have a cousin who still does this and it annoys us so much. The habit of opening and exploring someone else’s Fridge even Pots on the stove. NO please you do not want to do that. Explain to your kids how impolite it is.

Also sometimes kids would come and open your drawers or wardrobes. Please tell your child that this is not acceptable.

8. Table Manners, Very Important:

Elders help themselves First. You want something you ask for it, Do not jump on the table for something.

Eat with your mouth closed. Finish your bite before you talk and try to eat in peace- do not talk a lot.

9. Apply Some rules around the house:

Such as they should always clean up after they finish playing. I always help my son, sometimes he is not willing to do so I ask him to come along and help me out. They should not be messing up the rooms with food or toys.

10. Do Not let them Interrupt you:

Sometimes when you are talking to someone your kid would always come and interrupt you for something. So you should get excused and explain to your child that it is a bit rude to interrupt someone while having a conversation. Only unless it is important and an emergency. They should wait and have patience.

11. Do not let them Point out or Stare at someone:

It happens at times when you are in public and kids would just point out at something or someone. Not everyone is friendly around us and can get offended. Also, they should not stare at someone. If they want something they should ask the parents.

12. Gratitude:

Teaching them how they are better and have better things and they should not compare and be Thankful for what they have.

These points obviously can vary between every household. Do what you think is best for your child.

13. Avoid Scolding them in Public, how Big the Tantrum is:

Talk them out, take them to a side and ask them the matter.

We are not perfect but we can at least try. Also, some kids can have some behavioural issues which are meant to be dealt with differently. So a lot of things may not be just about Manners/Etiquettes.

Hope this post helped you in some way. If you have any suggestions and tips, do let me know. I will be more than happy to share them here.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!

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