Talk To Myself- Laziness

This past few months have been crazy. I know I missed a lot and have been busy. But most of all I have been lazy.

It is a big word but the question is What is Laziness? Admit it, that once everyone was scolded for laziness.

I have been lazy to sit up and write what I wanted to, to take pictures or shoot photographs, go out and enjoy myself. But instead, I chose to stay back and sink in my inner self. Honestly, I could become lazy at any time when I did not want to do what my mother considered obligatory- or in this case myself. Then time passed by and I scolded myself for laziness.

Then I grew up a little more and found out that laziness is not a character trait at all, not a state of consciousness and not a feeling. This is ignoring, the frustration of desires – one’s own or others. This is such a silent revolt of our psyche. Therefore, the only effective way to somehow deal with laziness is to find out why it arose.

We learn this behaviour of laziness early enough. As in childhood, it is often difficult to start a constructive conversation with your elders, hence we were always dependent on them. So the only option we chose was not to do what we desired and the ones what our elders told or advised us to do.

The way out of this conflict is quite simple – your inner child needs to understand what he/she wants, and an adult needs to learn to listen to his/her desires and conduct a constructive dialogue. Ask yourself the question, “What am I refusing to do now – is this really my desire?”

Once we understand this dilemma, we can surely be more constructive. For example, you keep postponing the meeting or calling a specific person. Ask yourself this question why are you doing that? Are you doing it because you do not like that person? Perhaps this person is breaking your borders, trying to manipulate you, and showing excessive aggression. And then by delaying the action, you try to protect yourself.

We keep on making excuses, the weather is not good, its too cold or too hot. So you just transferred all your problems on the environment. Why? What for? And you make an excuse after excuse- I didn’t do it, and the world is so unsuitable for me to be beautiful right now!

Often the fear of failure and all attempts to avoid responsibility for the result is the fear of feeling guilty. Guilt is one of the most difficult feelings, which is why we try so hard to avoid it.

Behind laziness can hide many pitfalls. And only our choice to continue to go with the flow or to see what it hides. This is not always a pleasant process, but it certainly brings us closer to ourselves.


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