Social Media Moms

Do you envy all those super moms on Social Media?

Do you want to be the Bad Ass Mom you just saw on Instagram?

I have been there, done that!

Today’s social media and the accessibility of it has made us moms feel bad and awful.

When you look around- scroll through Social Media, you are looking at all these perfect moms. Now, these moms could be working moms or just homemakers. But boy! they are so full of life and happy and cheerful and they look so perfect with those curls and makeup Right?!

This would obviously make you feel bad, depressed and unhappy.

You tend to reflect on your failures and look at yourself in the mirror and get that awful feeling in the stomach of how bad you look and so on.

So what you do? You Start:

  • Judging your abilities
  • Comparison
  • Feeling lonely

This all leads to Mood Swings, Depression, Unhappiness and GOD know what!!

Have you ever wondered? That all these beautifully curated stories and feeds on social media, nicely staged photos- shows the good sides of the motherhood. As we sometimes fail to portray real mothers and the struggles of being one. Why are we always so pressured to be the perfect parents?

If you are comparing yourself to others’ seemingly perfect images of parenting and family life, you may inevitably come up short. You might be thinking that you couldn’t sleep all night because your kid was awake, and you are still in your 3 days old Pjs, you have not brushed your hair or washed your face. You forgot how it was like to play dress up and wear nice heels and makeup.

So should moms give up Social Media or networking sites? Not necessarily.

Social media has its setbacks but it definitely has good aspects to it.  It gives us a chance to network, make new friends be inspired and motivated. But if you find you are obsessing over “likes” on your photos, consider turning off notifications on Facebook/ Instagram and logging on only at certain times of the day.

Think positively and know that the things you are watching are only one side of the story. You may not be aware of the struggles behind that one perfect photo that you just saw.

So let’s share positivity, good vibes and stay true!



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