Self Confidence

This Feeling That I have In My Heart, Doesn’t Let Me Move On, For What I See Is Just a Dream, A Mirror Within A Mirror On Repeat.


This does not entirely mean that we do not possess self-confidence. We can always achieve what we want. Nothing is off limits!

But day in and day out, so busy with our routine that we at times just doubt ourselves. It is sometimes the lack of self-confidence that harms us and affects our decision making and other life issues. The fear of Rejection is always there.

We are always worried about trying new things, talking in public, going out, with friends or at work and dealing with shit on our own. The problem is NEVER over.

But the truth is that we allow it to happen. We simply allow it to linger upon us. We believe that if we have a fabulous life like some Sultan of La La Land, then only we shall be confident. Which is NOT true. 

I have always been a shy little girl. Being the youngest in the family, hence the love and overprotectiveness. During my primary years at school, I used to be really scared of teachers and classmates who were a bully. Even though I was a good/average student but was someone who never enjoyed school.

My elder sister always used to tell me to stand up for myself in front of the bullies, I was never able to. I have always been scared of using words that might hurt people. I detest the feeling of somebody being hurt by my words, no matter how much they have hurt me. 

Even while writing this down or thinking about it for that matter, I was very unsure. I have been having continuous thoughts about being judged. But then I stopped for a minute and said to myself, till when am I going to worry about it?!

I feel comfortable around people whom I know or are on the same page as me. I still take a lot of time making friends, as I try to understand what the other person is like. Whether I will be able to enjoy his/her company or vice-versa. I never make an effort to start a conversation. So actually, I AM AN INTROVERT. 

Over the years now I am starting to understand the importance of it!

So enough about myself, here I am just giving out some pointers which may help us to bring out some positive vibes.

So let’s Boost Some Morale!

  • Break that shell of yours and get yourself out of your cocoon. It is difficult, trust me but one step at a time.
  • Do what you love. Ditch the fear of being judged. People just won’t stop spouting. Don’t give a damn.
  • Follow a routine. Do the important tasks first.
  • Talk to your friends. Connect with them, even with those you might have not spoken to years.
  • Take in some fresh air. If you are feeling blah, go out and take a walk.
  • Play dress up. Yes, wear nice, fresh clothes each day, do not just sit in your PJs like a couch potato.
  • Most Importantly pray. Its the best therapy by all means.
  • Good music brings in joy.
  • Gratitude. Be thankful at all times for the tiniest of things in life.
  • Perfectionist. DO NOT try to be one. As nothing is good enough.
  • Self Doubt. Let go of self-doubt, you are good at what you do.


Parents also need to take a few steps.

  • Parental Skills: This starts at a very early age. Parents should allow us to make our own choices. This may NOT be in all circumstances but when it’s appropriate. Do not throw your preferences at them at all times. If your kid wants to wear a red T-shirt, he/she should be allowed to do so. If your kids is a difficult one then try to explain it to them in a way they would like to hear.
  • Encouragement: Let them make good friends.
  • Be your child’s best friend: Have a friendly environment at home. Talk about things with your kids at all times, discuss their daily routine, what they like, talk about their schoolmates, their favourite activity etc. Discuss their hobbies and encourage them rather demotivating them by saying that they are purely wasting their time. This kind of attitude really degrades the self-esteem of any child.
  • Support: Be their support system at all times.


I am trying to be a better person each day and what I really want to be and achieve.

I hope this helped you too. Let’s talk more and share some thoughts and how you tackle such things in life.

Stay happy and positive.

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