Positivity:: Few Steps To Make Yourself Happy

Isn’t this true! That sometimes we focus on negative things more than the positive aspects.

At times our nature forces it upon us and we just get lost in the process. So how do we maintain a healthy and undisputable peace of mind?

My personality centres around too much negative thoughts and I keep looking at those alluring things and realizing why did I waste so much time in nothing but just hatred. This not only disturbs my peace of mind but my overall personality. I feel irritated, disconnected from everyone. I do not enjoy the things which I like to do.

So how can we bring that zeal into our lives? It is simple to be honest and we just need to practice.

  • The first step which we can take is to be more consistent and regular in our prayers. Because this brings our soul at peace. Meditation is also a similar thing. So based on your religion or believes you can choose whatever way you feel comfortable with.
  • Start reading good content. There are so many books out there based on every aspect of life. So select something nice and read. I have never been a reader because I never have the patience to complete a book, but recently I pushed myself into it which actually made me feel better.
  • Listening to good music or some audio books/Podcasts might help you to have a positive insight towards life. This will surely help maintain a focus and we can have a sense of direction.
  • STOP overthinking, this will never let you do anything! I am surely an overthinker and this has really made me do nothing- Trust me! All I do is just think and get overwhelmed by my thoughts and never do anything.
  • DO NOT let your fears trouble you. This surely does comes because of the lack of self-confidence. The constant fear of losing, or not meeting the expectations/targets. The fear of not being able to achieve what you want- will absolutely shatter you.
  • Try to absorb some criticism in a positive way. Listen and do not react straight away. I know some things hurt really bad, but listen first and try to let go. I know there are some people who really can’t help it but attack you.
  • Talk to your close friends/family. I feel so much better if I share my thoughts and feelings with someone close. I like to talk about stuff. Makes my head lighter and I get a sense of direction too. Because talking to someone will let you gain some knowledge and help as well. So TALK.
  • Exercise, Eat well and Sleep Well.

So let’s just bring in some positivity and enjoy every moment. Be thankful to what you have and look around you and appreciate.


4 thoughts on “Positivity:: Few Steps To Make Yourself Happy

  1. That was an excellent read. You are absolutely right about talking about what is going on inside you with supportive people. Bottling it all up just makes you feel more and more overwhelmed over time.

  2. This is great advice! Not overthinking and not letting your fears control you is very important. And I love the idea of listening to podcasts that help with positivity!

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