Big handbags or totes have always been in trend, but finding your phone, your shades or your favourite lip colour has always been an issue. Like finding a needle in a haystack! Haha at least for me!

Does this happen to you that your phone is ringing like crazy and you cannot get your hands on it because it is lost in all that clutter in your bag?


And I end up taking out all the stuff from my bag until I find what I was looking for.

THANKS TO HUMAN BRAINS that they always come up with great ideas and these bag organisers are a life saver! Especially when you are travelling!

So keeping your stuff organised is always very important for me!

I got this lovely bag organiser which you can purchase in a number of colours! It is very good, has different zipped pockets as well as other different sized pockets too! You can arrange your stuff easily!

Plus it is extremely affordable I got mine for 700 Pakistani Rupees from a facebook page called Colors. They have a wide range of organisers for bags, drawers, closets etc. Also, they have a good collection of everyday use stuff! Few of them are quite quirky too!

You can find this organiser here.


It is adjustable in size also!

Another favourite thing of mine is this travel wallet which I got from Accessorize. I am totally in love with it because it is so colourful and I love such things. It also has 3 different pockets, to divide the travel documents.

Travel Wallet organizer

I am travelling tonight to my hometown! Very excited to meet my family!

Have a great weekend in advance!

Bye Bye!

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