Neelum Valley (Kashmir Pakistan)

My husband and I decided last year to make a trip to Neelum Valley which is a beautiful valley amongst the lush green mountains of Kashmir – known as Azad Jammu and Kashmir or Pakistan side of Kashmir.

It was a pleasant, sunny day and we travelled for about 6 hours from the capital, Islamabad. Enjoying every minute of the magnificent and breathtaking views of the mountains and the villages we passed by.

The River Neelum is gorgeous with the colors of the water changing and the river winding between the majestic yet dangersome mountains! Whereby one side of the river touches Pakistan and the other side touches India! Which obviously means that we were so close to the Pakistan and India border.

We had such a short time that we couldnt make it to the actual border which is known to have the best views imaginable, but its in our list of future travels!

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