Some Unwanted Life Advice

“Be yourself. Don’t worry about what other people are thinking of you, because they’re probably feeling the same kind of scared, horrible feelings that everyone does.”
― Phil Lester

Obviously, nobody tells you to live your life by a rule book. You define it yourself and then you decide to live and follow it. You can observe others and you apply certain things that you like and go about it.

However, I have listed a few things here which I may or may not have followed but surely will help someone in one way or the other.

So here they are;

1. Never Say Never:

This is the time to do it!  We often fear of things not happening according to our plan. But that’s how life is and hence that’s exactly what Allah has planned for us. Let us just forget about it. NO!  You are being a thick-headed!

2. Put yourself first :

This is absolutely nothing about being selfish which we often hear. Stop saying yes all the time, learn to say no when needed. If you are happy and satisfied with things in life then only your loved ones shall be too.

3. They are not worth it:

Some things or People are just not worth your energy. Do not waste your time and efforts on them.

4. Be yourself:

Do not try to be like someone. You are what you are and then you are someone’s wife, mother, daughter, friend and a sister.

5. Do not Fear:

If you feel like doing something- go for it. Do not think about the judgement people will throw at your way. Because that’s what they are mostly good at.

6. Own what you love:

You like pink hair, You like wearing a sari, do it. Our society has put a stigma of not doing certain things before getting married. If at all you decide to put on a red Lipstick then be prepared for this – Haw Haye daikho abhi Shaadi bhi nahi hui is ki aur lal lipstick- Tauba Tauba. Please live and let live.

7. Be kind to yourself:

Do not push yourself to extreme limits. Do what you are capable of and go with the flow.

8. Be independent:

Does not have to be in monetary terms only. Be independent of decisions, thoughts and your mind. Stand up for yourself.

9. Think beyond the Bollywood Style Shaadi:

Marriage is not everything and not exactly how you imagine it to be. It is not a movie with a perfect Sasural and a husband. It is much more than that accept reality and go about it.

10. Do not stereotype:

Yes its a human nature that we like to compliment others in a good or a bad way.

11. Stop asking typical questions:

Shaadi kab ho rahi hai? Bachay Kab ho rahay hain Kids? Dosra Bacha Kab ho raha hai? God please there is a lot more happening in life. Ask about interests, hobbies etc

Lastly, just love yourself and let it all go and enjoy your life.

Do share your thoughts on this too 🙂

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