Does anyone of you feel like lost in your own space? I have been feeling frittered away lately so

that I just don’t feel like doing anything. This really worries me!

Sometimes I myself cannot interpret the crunch which sort of leaves me handcuffed. Perhaps it is just this moment and it will just abnegate in a blink of an eye. I would like to submit the word boredom here- Yes, it is boredom which has placed me in the hibernation mode!
Some daily monotonous routines can often just drive away all the thrive and putting you in the state of idleness.
But there are 2 types of boredom, one which can bring you to insanity and one that brings more creativeness towards your way!
So thankfully when I am in this state, I get all the great and exciting ideas, But I just lack the devotion to bring those ideas to life. Hence this outlandish behaviour needs to get flushed and I need to get back on track! Phewww.. 

It is just like the fact when you are bored, no one texts you and when you are busy, BAM I am the most popular person in the world!

So I have few questions for my readers, what do you do or would you do in such situations? And does this happen to you quite often? What would you call this?

Have a great day ahead!

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