So have been away for a while, and sleepless nights have not been gone!
I guess every other person has a problem these days! and perhaps the environment in which we are living these days and GOD the stress level has risen immensely given the work conditions and competition.

But apart from these issues,
a lot of other elements are there too, worsening the condition!

So to make things easier I have listed a few things which could help improve the sleep, not that I follow all but I try to from time to time!



So what I mean with this that please NO CELLS, TV, COMPUTERS, IPADs or sort. So what I am trying to say here is AVOID bright screens at least 1-2 hours earlier before going to bed. OK let’s make it at least and hour; Even I cannot survive with this situation! But let us try doing it.

Picture Credit: mytechrescue.com

During the night, any light that is used throws out of whack the body’s biological clock, also known as the circadian rhythm. — mytechrescue.com

Circadian Rhythm: It is a 24 hour cycle of providing patterns of brain activity, hormone production, cell generation and other biological activities in our daily cycle. It helps in determining the sleeping and feeing patterns for living beings.

Blue Light is not good for the eyes to some extent and can impact our body quite seriously! Studies have shown that it can cause high or low blood sugar, heart trouble, being overweight and even cancer. (THIS IS AT NIGHT TIME ONLY and NOT ALL LIGHTS AFFECT THE SAME WAY).

During the day it behaves differently- it actually helps in reacting in a timely manner.


    1. Make your bed nicely, try to keep your room clean. A quick few minutes is all that is required to make your bed when you wake up! You DO NOT want a CHAOTIC room after a long day!! 
    2. Shop for your bed wisely! Spend time, do some research.
    3. Breathable sheets
    4. Comfortable Pillows- you can read here for the top 20 best pillows! 
    5. Nice Comforter
    6. Add Layers – having layers of quilts and throws can help you through the night if it gets too cold or hot during the night.
    7. Mattress — I think one should invest well in a good mattress! I personally have suffered from this situation! A lot of people do not think over this and end up in pain and sleepless nights — this actually happened to us and we decided that we will never do this mistake again.

    Your bedroom is your sanctuary from the stresses of the day. Use your senses to create the best environment for sleep. —NSF

    One side the technology has its drawbacks and yes we talk about this all the time, But HEY it is also there to help us with our problems right. Like this Samsung SleepSense Device; which is designed for tracking your sleep patterns and connecting to your smartphone so you can review the data and what NOT!

    OH GOD!

    It has a tracker which can turn off your Smart TV or provide some available snack choices for the night to help sleep better. THIS IS INSANE!

    Even the mattresses are technology embedded– (I can’t stop laughing) and yes we present you the SMART BEDS by Responsive Surface Technology and Sleep Number.

    Sleep Number has been making some smart beds but now they have taken this to another level. Now, this Smart Bed has some super technology fabric and sensors which can track our sleeping habits and is capable of increasing and decreasing the pressure in the mattress as per our needs during the night automatically! YES!!



    Cover it with something — because if you look at the time several times during the night, it will be like a race against sleep. Catching the sleep before its too late!

    Eventually, you will never fall asleep!

    This happens to me all the time especially if I have a schedule and have to wake up right on time! that’s the night I never get my beauty sleep at All!! Arghh..

    Having smartphones next to your bed- I know you cannot sleep and FREAK out too if you can’t find your phone when you wake up! But having it next to your pillow is not good!


    Keep a pillow under your knees between your legs– it helps ease the back pain! My mother does that all the time since she has issues with her back – her physiotherapist told her this trick- it does work- I have tried that too and it totally helps!

    For the neck, then there is a problem with your pillow! READ HERE for the best pillows.


    So how many of you sleep in late on weekends??  I DO I DO!!

    That’s the answer we get all the time. But sleeping at the same time each day and waking up the same time too — even on weekends can help you sleep better at night!

    • WORK OUT:

    Some studies have shown that exercise significantly improves the sleep. People dealing with Chronic Insomnia having done some simple exercise (e.g Walking) took less time to fall asleep. But the same study showed that vigorous exercise (e.g weight lifting) can have opposite effect. 
    SO move those BUTTS PEOPLE!!

    • EAT RIGHT:

    Eat healthily, eat light before going to bed! SAY NO TO CAFFEINE, SUGAR and BLAH BLAH.


    White Noise is created by a continuum of frequencies equally distributed over the whole hearing range. In healthcare applications, white noise is used to treat hyperacusis, an increased sensitivity to normal environmental sounds, or to camouflage the annoyance caused by tinnitus, a ringing in the ear occurring without any stimulus. White noise is also used to mask background noises in the office, ot to aid in sleep — mynoise.net

      You can find a range of white noise, easily downloadable files, apps for your phone too!
      Sometimes these white noises are used to small babies to soothe them and put them to sleep. The Same concept is used for adults too! 
      You can find noises such as rain, wind, beach, celestial etc. You can have a look here.


      • NO PETS:

      Beds are for People!! 


      Feeling restless then try visualising yourself in a peaceful place.


      Picture Credit: stylecraze.com

      Chamomile tea actually comes, not from a tree but from a daisy- like plant. Plants in this family produce tea that is most commonly known for its relaxing, sleep-inducing properties. A flavonoid, chrysin, found in the plant is partially responsible for its reputation as a sleep aid. —naturallivingideas

      It not only helps with sleep but its also good for your skin, hair and health. Read some more benefits HERE.


      Picture Credit: healthy-holistic-living.com

      Choosing the right essential oil for your body! Everyone has a different body thus one oil might work you and it may not work for another.

      There is an array of beautiful aromas such as the Lavender, Marjoram, Cedarwood, Chamomile few citrus ones too and a lot more. 
      THIS POST is a good read for some of the best aromatic oils for you to sleep better at night!
      Also READ HERE on how you can use them.

      • DRY AIR:

      Perhaps some dry may not be a food friend after all. It can cause a cough during the night, dry and blocked nose. So install a HUMIDIFIER.

      You can get them in all types of shapes and sizes and even colours! But make sure that you keep it clean.

      • WARM MILK:

      Remember our mums telling us to have a warm glass of milk before going to bed and us just trying to avoid the moment every way possible. 
      Well! The studies have shown that it really helps in sleeping! So next time you want to thank your mother for this! 

      3 thoughts on “HAVING TROUBLE SLEEPING!!

      1. Hey I am also one of the victim of insomnia or maybe forcing myself to stay up late night for no good reason.i don't know. But good sleep is a must.
        Will try these suggestions. Thanks for sharing. Keep 'em coming.. ❤

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