Glam Box

Being a full-time mommy is very tiring and that also of
a boy! …Sigh- I guess you can imagine ๐Ÿ™‚ but Alhamdulilah for everything.

I am not the kind who would take time out of themselves for trying on some new makeup products or for that matter any beauty related item.

I used to once a long time ago, but I have always been passive.

So here in Riyadh and my son with his new school; I get plenty of time to experiment.

Therefore I came across this Glam Box thing. I always used to see people showing off some similar stuff on Instagram or blogs and I was always curious to know about such things.

Alas! I subscribed one for 3 months and let’s see how it goes.

GLAM BOX  is a charming packaged box with some beauty goodies from some well-known brands or new up-coming brands. They are for you to test and try and if we like using them we can go and purchase more for ourselves. Each month the package will contain different items; they could be makeup, fragrances or something for your skin or hair with decent amount for us to try.

Mine is going to arrive very soon Can’t Wait ๐Ÿ˜€

They have 3 types of subscriptions which is quite convenient and affordable as well.

For those in Saudi Arabia you can visit here and for the Middle East visit here.
Mine is just a couple of days away.YAYY!!

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