For the love of Green and Organic Spaces

I am always in an awe when I see green spaces. Don’t you like them too?

Having nature around you is always so relaxing! Even though you do not have an open space, you still can enjoy nature with a corner of indoor plants! Since a lot of us are living in an urban environment, not having enough outdoor space. Hence Green spaces are the way to do good. They filter pollutants and dust from the air, they provide shade and lower temperatures.


Day Bed with Green Plants
Cute Day Bed with Plants hanging from the window above!

I would love to have something like this in my home! So beautiful and Vivid! You can have a look here for the complete house tour.


Bright little space
A bright space with greens

Bright and full of green isn’t it divine? Having greens indoor create a cool environment! See 10 more beautiful rooms with lots and lots of plants here.


Dining Table Center Piece
Beautiful Centre Piece on a Dining Table!

Beautiful plants can also be used as unique centre pieces or a feature piece to create a beautiful spot or a corner in any room of your house! In this case a beautiful Hobbit Jade.


Centre Piece for a dinner table!

Such amazing centrepieces can be created at very little or no cost to create a dramatic Va Va Boom effect. Cheering up your dining table at a Dinner party.


Hanging Plants
Hanging Garden!

Unique Wall features can be created! How beautiful is this one! Even if you have small spaces you can still enjoy nature in a number of unique ways. Here are few amazing ways of how you can create a little garden in your small abode.



This is also such a cute way of incorporating greens in your house! I just love these cuties! See a couple of more cute terrariums and cactus in one of my previous posts.


Hanging Garden!
Hanging Garden!

I am in total LOVE with this hanging garden! You can create this with beautiful succulents as well. Or mix them up with other kinds of beauties, like this one above. See more from this tour here.

So I guess, greens should be everywhere, small or big. In my opinion, they bring joy and makes the house or any space for that matter more inviting!!

Go Green!

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