Egypt and the Great Pyramids

After spending four glorious years in Cairo. I came to the realization of an amazing city which couldn’t have been better! Apart from the fact that you could die any minute on the crazy roads. Over speeding trucks and cars which makes almost impossible to go across a bloody road- you keep wondering if you could ever be able to make it alive or at least in one piece to the other side for that matter.

This crazy and insanely beautiful city with rich history and culture makes me wanna visit and relive all the moments spent there!

I miss every second of my stay in Cairo. Well, I don’t know why! Maybe it was my first home as a couple- newly married just moved there and fell in love not instantly but took me a little while.

As I recovered from a shock which I was not expecting! I Simply Loved it! 

Horse Carriage
while visiting the Pyramids You can go around by a Horse Carriage!


Amongst the stones!

But Yes Egypt- the land of the Great Pyramids! It has everything which one can surely enjoy apart from some scary things.

Such as:

  • Driving a car- unless you are a crazy driver yourself, you would be scared. But if you want to stay alive on the road you GOT TO SPEED UP TRUST ME. You do not want to go slow or else you’ll be crushed.
  • Crossing the road- this is another mission that you can only achieve by putting your life at complete risk.
  • Stay away from people who may try to con you for some money, they are everywhere so be careful.

But apart from all of the above, some great things are there to enjoy.

  • A country rich in culture and history is something you obviously cannot miss.
  • Food for sure.
  • The busy streets and old cafes of Khan Al Khalili- one of my favourite places in Cairo.
  • If you make friends here, you would love this place.
  • The beautiful River Nile.
  • The overall vibe of the city is just incredible.
Holding the Sphinx in my hands

Some beautiful memories which I will cherish always!

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