Weekly Steal: Recycled Plastic Accessories and Much More

Came across some amazing stuff this weekend. Home Grown Market in Jeddah is a place where
we would all want to go and get our hands on some amazing pieces created and designed by marvellous people.

Its a house for some amazing designers from the Arab world and you can find beautiful pieces, carefully designed to cater this part of the world.

Home Grown Market, Jeddah has it all. 

These beautiful pieces by Kees Chic. The founder of this brand is Diana Rayyan a Palestinian designer. Do you know they are actually made of plastic bags? How amazing that is! 

What a great way of recycling plastic! 

I am all into calligraphy these days actually, I have always been in love with it. But when I moved to Cairo and now Riyadh, I feel that I have developed more love towards it.

These beautiful clutches are absolutely stunning. Crafted by Asma’s Crafts. 

Few more beautiful pieces by Asma’s Crafts. You can find these beautiful pieces in Home Grown Market, Jeddah or you can order directly from them.

Hope everyone is enjoying this Holy Month of Ramadan!

I just thought of sharing these amazing pieces with you all.

That is all. Bye

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