Baby M Turns 5

It’s finally here! Yes, the birthday month and My first and the elder to his little brother turns 5 MashaAllah. Oh boy! Where did all the time go?

I just cannot thank his Almighty enough for his wonderful blessings in life. We just sometimes take these things for granted, don’t we?

It is absolutely so fascinating to be a mother- overwhelming at the same time when it’s your first child. Too much responsibility and lots of sleepless nights. But those tiny adorable eyes and the giggles, just makes your heart melt and makes you forget everything else.

I just pray all the time to be a good mother to my child. I just want him to be a good and a great son. These little beings are what we are entrusted to care for. It takes time to mould ourselves to our new surroundings and responsibilities. First, we need to amend ourselves and then take care of these beautiful beings known as our children. It is a non-stop process and InshaAllah we all can be what we really want to be and be good mothers and fathers.

So I just want to write something here for him.

Dear Love,

I just want you to be happy and shine like a bright star. I am really sorry when ever I get fussy and get angry at you for not putting away your things- or placing them in order. Please do not keep your bite in your mouth for too long, chew your food and swallow, it really makes me super frustrated. Mommy does not like it. I am also sorry when I get angry just at random things sometimes, which makes me realize later that I should not have done it. After all you are just a kiddo!

I get really scared at times, how I am going to teach you everything. Help you with school work, or your craft projects, even at sports. I may not be good enough for such a jem like you.

But I want you to work hard and be a good boy.

Mommy Loves you šŸ™‚

Sometimes we just do not realize the things we do or say to our children. Those things can eventually have an impact on our kids. So let’s try to be a better person.

So does being a parent has made you more conscious about the things you say and do around your children?

Would love to hear your thoughts!



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