Along the River Nile! -DAY 1

Epic journey along the most famous River. Yes, The RIVER NILE – Notorious in the Islamic
history also famous for the pharaohs who travelled along this beautiful river, built their civilisations. It not only provided ease of transportation but also provided fertile land along the banks for cultivation.
Due to the presence of civilisation along this historic river, one can see many old buildings and temples and remains of the pharaohs.

Since it was a 4-day trip so I thought of having multiple posts instead of overflowing you all with too much. So stay with me on this one.

Let me take you with me on this adventurous journey.

Trip Info:

Days – 4 days trip

Cost – 1000 USD per couple

We booked our trip through a travel agent who also arranged an English speaking Guide for us. Everything was inclusive, except for our Air Tickets.

DAY 1:


Aswan International Airport

Our start of the journey was from  Cairo to Aswan- which was an hour and a half flight. We reached late afternoon. Aswan is a beautiful city, has a unique charm of its own. So we took a cab from the airport to the hotel where we were to stay for the night before boarding our cruise ship early morning the next day.

(please be careful of the cab drivers as they tend to ask a lot of money when they see tourist hoarding in – so negotiating skills are much needed here- or else you’ll be ripped off).
It was the most adventurous and epic ride from the airport to the hotel (from the part of catching a taxi which was an old Peugeot 504, to the part where we had to fit in our luggage and the crazy driver, who drove at the speed of a roller coaster and took us to the spot where we thought there was no way further). Alas! It was a great one to remember. ( I still can’t stop laughing at our expressions)

The Philae Temple can be seen in the distance on an Island
Beautiful Sail Boats could be seen around- they are known as Felucca.
Sail Boats
Known as Feluccas (sail ships) on the river Nile

Shuttle Ride-  it was a beautiful ride as it was almost sunset and the river looked amazing. We came across some old rocks with carvings on them from the ancient times.

Fellow Passengers
Carvings on the rocks (from ancient times)
The Old Cataract Hotel is also situated here, it is quite an old one and has beautiful architecture. A famous movie Death On The Nile, based on the Agatha Christie Book was shot here.
Old Cataract Hotel
Old Cataract Hotel (Death on the Nile movie based on Agatha Christie book was shot here)

Our hotel was on an Island across the river from the mainland – Hence the name ISIS Island Hotel and Resort an average one. It was a secluded island dedicated to the hotel only.

Please note: The hotel standards in Egypt vary from other parts of the world in my opinion. A good 5 star would be as good as 3-4 star hotel). Only the Multinational Hotels have good standards.

The surroundings of the hotel

So far we had a great time!

Stay tuned as there is a lot more to come. The actual Cruise Ride is yet to start. 

For now Bye!

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