Ajrak – A Sindhi Tradition [Pakistan]

The name Ajrak, for which we can’t stop drooling enough. I am a huge fan of it, except for the fact that I just haven’t got my hands on a decent and beautiful original Sindhi Tradition as yet.

This beautiful heritage dates back to the ancient civilisation of the Indus Valley, which has been thought to have existed between 1500BC- 2500BC. It is decorated with a Trefoil Pattern (like a three leafed clover) and follows a detailed block printing process for decorating the beautiful shawls which are usually 2.5-3meters long.

Rich crimson and deep indigo are the dominant colours with a little black and white to define the patterns.

AjrakThese beautiful shawls are easy and cosy to wear plus looks good with any outfit! I love to pair it up with a white Kurta and Shalwar, traditional pair of  Khusas and some lovely Jhumkis (earrings) to glam up the look! And you can be ready for any occasion!

You can get your hands on some amazing Ajrak Shawls, both in pure cotton or silk based fabric at very affordable price from “Subhay! You can order from home and get it delivered at your doorstep anytime within Pakistan and Abroad! Yayy!

Sub Hay is a local Pakistani online store bringing us our heritage which is amazing! They have almost 20 plus designs of Ajrak of different origins. Also having the best quality which is very hard to find, when it comes to Ajrak. Would you want something authentic? Right?  So I think Sub Hay should be your go to Online Store!

Ajrak Shawl

I am not sure about the quality and authenticity of the shawl shown here in the pictures above because my husband had it from some time and it was given to him by someone (so not sure at all cause he does not remember).

But the good news is that you can visit Subhay and get your favourite and authentic Ajrak Shawl at great prices and jealous your friends.

So come on, hurry up! 🙂



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  1. i love ajrak and have original ajrak from Thatta in Sindh. Ajrak making is a long long process and watched its making live when i visited Thatta, also have some pictures of ajrak making.

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