7 tips to make your Everyday Brighter

Days when you feel lost in daily routine, and you feel that your days are slow. You tell yourself that you were better off eating some nutritional seeds and make your skin glow and beautiful when you wake up the next morning and suddenly your whole day will be beautiful as well. Whereas, in reality, it does not happen and then again your back to where you were. Also, do not get KAROSHI. (overworked death).

I may sound weird, but that is the truth. Tell me if I am wrong?!

So I figured a few tips and tricks which may transform your day into a good one and not so trashy. And you may feel a bit of self-love and find some comfort. Brighter days ahead.

1. Learn to say NO:

Enough being said. Learn to say no when you do not wish to do something. Stop pleasing others just because you think it’s nice. I know you do not like to hurt someone and want to stay in the good books. But trust me you will feel a lot better. Remember you are not saying no to someone but to someone’s request.

It is worthwhile to gently but impressively defend your borders without fear of offending anyone.

2. Leave Modesty:

Learn to be braver. Insolence can be your second happiness (if in moderate doses), whereas modesty is a path to oblivion. Being brave is hard, I know. But if you want people to notice you perhaps you may need to be one. I am not one of those honestly! We are living in an extremely fast world, so gotta go out there.

Express your ideas, your mood. Talk to people, explore what you like and do it. Experience different things and do not think about others judging you, because trust me that’s what they do!

Dare to plunge into the abyss of the unknown.

Sometimes it’s worth declaring oneself, speaking louder about your desires, learning the art of self-presentation. Otherwise, you can just stand quietly in a corner while everyone else is enjoying the party while later mournfully you sort through the memories of how you were undeservedly deprived of attention, honours and praise.

So yes, that’s life is all about.

3. Stop Comparing Yourself:

I know I know it is sometimes quite difficult. I am sometimes lost in this chaos too. Because you sometimes cannot help it.

Do you ever feel that others are always one step ahead of you? Just stop measuring each and everyone with a ruler, about how good they are doing, how their bodies look better than yours. Or their life looks like a fairy tale. If all of this motivates than it is good for you. But if it is taking a downturn in your life- then you need to stop this addiction.

This may open a new passage for you. You may start exploring yourself more and recognizing what you own and how valuable it is.

4. Act More Boldly:

Change is always good. If you do not like something then you can always change.

Sometimes a change of work is preceded by frustration: when you try to understand in which area you want to develop when it seems that you do not have enough experience, skills and knowledge to apply for a certain position. If you experience this, at this stage you will need the support of a loved one who will help you believe in yourself and find growth points that allow you not to be afraid of changes and move forward, starting with small steps. Surely in your environment, there will be at least one person who knows your strengths and achievements, which you underestimately understate. Try on different forms to identify what your calling is. Look for what will light you. Boldly open to new knowledge. But if you continue to complain about the situation and do not catapult into a better life for yourself, perhaps.

5. Make Every day Special:

I always wonder we try to save every penny. We save for the better house, a better future. What if that better future is just a mirage. What if you are no longer alive to enjoy all that.

So sometimes it is ok to treat yourself, with good food, clothes and some luxuries. Kia pata Kal Ho NA HO!

6. Discard Emotional Ballast:

You know right when you meet certain people who make you feel warmhearted and happy- while meeting others you feel a weight on your heart.

So, my friends, it is time to audit your circle and get rid of those toxic relationships. Find strength in yourself and meet people who bring positive energy to you, and let go of those affections who do not bring any past joy.

It is difficult to let go of people who are close to you and may dishearten you but if you are not on the same wavelength then its better to cleanse your mind and soul. Mental Hygiene is important.

7. Dream Big:

There is absolutely no harm in chasing your dreams. So stop listening to those thoughts who stop you for being what you want to be.

Let your imagination run wild. Make a bucket list (things you really want to do in your life). No matter what it will be, the main thing is that you passionately desire it. Document goals that will make you happier and start following the list.

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