5 Days in Jordan – Part 2

After spending an amazing day at Wadi Rum, where I soaked in all the sunshine as much as I could.

We headed to Aqaba. A port city along the Red Sea, popular for windsurfing and other water sports. Since we had very little time to, we just had some rest at the Movenpick Hotel for the night. The next morning after an early breakfast, we headed to the beach, where the water was fresh and beautiful.

At Aqaba, Jordan.


Beach Huts
Beach Huts

The sun was shining, and the weather was beautiful. The cold water made me and Muaaz stay away from it, though I want to take a dip.

Muaaz at the beach while he just stood there enjoying the waves.
Clear waters

After spending a night and half day at the beach we took off and headed back to Amman. While I had a flight the next day, but since it was at night I took advantage of the time and explored a bit more of the city. My friend took me to this lovely place called Argan. It is a building complex where there are shops, cafes and restaurants. Since it was around Christmas, that is why you can see the huge Christmas Tree and some lovely decor.


After all, it is a centre of the city and a popular place for people to hang out, so you can see some nice installations. There is this huge heart like set up, where people come and place a lock of love with names on them. I thought it was really sweet.

Wall Art
I Love Jordan Wall Art.

Meanwhile, I play around and adore this wall above.

Flowers outside a cafe

Charming cafes always take my attention and I just cannot resist taking a few pictures. The Christmas decor made them even more pleasing.

My 5-day trip came to an end after having a splendid time in Jordan.

A little cost approximation goes about US$ 1000 for 2 nights stay in Petra and Aqaba. Plus the tickets for the sightseeing places and transport/food. This does not include my 3 nights stay in Amman (as I was staying at a friends house), also the airfare (this will obviously vary- depends on where you are travelling from).

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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