The Dervaish` Show

It’s an Old post which I just thought of sharing. Last year when myself and I were still living in Cairo, a very dear friend of mine took us to this amazing place – Not known to many! 

Located just across the road from the Khan Al-Khalili, Cairo. Having shows 3 times a week, the Al-Tannoura Classical Sufi Dance performance is a classical theatre and performance which every visitor to Cairo should watch. From the venue, which is a medieval Egyptian / Islamic building to the sheer dedication of the performers, this 90-minute show is only available thrice a week and at only 30 Egyptian Pounds, is definitely something which should not be missed while in Cairo!

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  1. Wow! This looks promising. Hope to see it one day

  2. Hi, Yes it was amazing! beautifully choreographed and presented.
    Keep following, love 🙂

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