The Secret Lake!

Living in Riyadh, KSA sometimes gets extremely boring. So that’s when you feel like doing some sightseeing, though there is not much to see but sometimes exploring the city can uncover some hidden gems. I was going through a blog called BlueAbaya, having some very interesting and full of excellent information about exploring Saudia Arabia. […]

Cacti and Succulents!

Having greenery around is always pleasing to your eyes and soul. It not only looks beautiful and makes you feel fresh and clean, but it also gives you motivation and hope for something new! >> I have some love for plants too! I guess it comes from dad because he just loves having plants all […]

The Dervaish` Show

It’s an Old post which I just thought of sharing. Last year when myself and I were still living in Cairo, a very dear friend of mine took us to this amazing place – Not known to many!  Located just across the road from the Khan Al-Khalili, Cairo. Having shows 3 times a week, the […]