What I Ate`

FOOD— I never understood the fact that there are people who wouldn’t want to cook for themselves, I mean who wouldn’t? Well, it’s their choice but I LOVE to cook, it’s like a meditation or something which brings me comfort. But here today I m not going to share what I cooked! I mean I will- […]

Mocha Cheese Cake!!

What can I say about cheese cakes! Ultimate delightful dessert. It could be any cheese cake, but this cake is an all time hit and thats Mocha Cheese Cake.  Its just a regular non bake cheese cake but with addition of cocoa and coffee (Yumm). I am already drooling! So I am going to share […]

Whats for Dinner!

Last night I made Lemon fish with caramelized onions and mushroom. Served with french fries and mushroom and feta stuffed puff pastry. The fish came out so well/ its just so simple and amazingly delicious 🙂 The Recipe for the Fish is: — 2 fish fillets of your choice— 1 tsp ginger/garlic paste— Salt and […]