A Happy Tuesday!

So I had been asked by Expat.com to write an article about Saudi Arabia, where I currently reside. I just could not think of anything else apart from the fact that Saudi has always been known as a stereotypical country. Thus I thought of writing about some Common Misconceptions about this beautiful country where I have been […]

Week 10 & 11 2017`

Hectic weeks these have been! Travelling to the homeland and prepping for my sister in laws wedding! Have been going to and forth to the tailors and the markets to shop. A lot has been happening! So take a peak into my past week! Had been in Peshawar, Pakistan!! Gora Bazaar and some stall on […]

Week 9 2017`

This week is gone already, Friday is here!! Phewww…… So I have been busy with my previous blog post, which I hope you guys enjoyed. Then I also had to get some stuff done, some shopping as I am travelling next week. Some Chores need to be completed before I fly, and blah blah. Same […]